Mark Garman here!!! Let me take some time to let you get to know me. I am married to an amazing woman, one who I knew from our very first date she was going to be my Wife and the Mother of my Children. Here we are four Children later and still madly in love! I received my MBA in 4 years at California Baptist University through hard work and determination. It wasn’t until several years later I discovered that my path in life was you!

That’s right you! I was put on this Earth to help you and others. I went through a traumatic event at the age of 15 that altered my life forever. I had brain surgery to remove an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) that was causing me to have seizures. During that surgery I suffered a stroke- along with other complications (you can find the whole story in my videos) that changed my life forever. With any drastic, life altering change, in one’s life- it came with some getting used to. I took it in stride, overcame the odds, and conquered all obstacles in my way. As the years went by, it became apparent that everything happens for a reason. Not only was that embedded in my mind, but my motto became My Choices Determine My Future.

With this mindset it was very rare that something (a choice) made me angry. If I missed the bus, if I got lost, if I was late, or if I didn’t get invited to the party; they all didn’t happen because of choices I previously made. They also weren’t supposed to happen in the first place. 

Let me briefly explain:


-I hit the snooze that made me late; choice

-I drank an extra cup of coffee so I missed the bus; choice

- I blew off Jeff therefore I didn’t get invited to the party; choice


Here is where “Choices Determine Your Future” come into play. Circling back around to my surgery when I was 15. I didn’t sit there and wallow in self pity because I went from being an all star soccer player to someone who couldn’t even walk. Be ready to be inspired by all the inspirational videos shared through interviews conducted. Always remember you’re not alone. You too can get through this.